Take advantage of our network's diverse capabilities and wealth of expertise in Nationwide Court Reporting Firm Services.

Our ability to provide convenient access to a variety of Nationwide Court Reporting Firm Services, from video support to case management to captioning, is the key to our client service.

Real-time Court Reporting

Our network of registered professional reporters, certified real-time reporters, and transcription support personnel produce accurate and searchable records of depositions, meetings, trials, interviews, and other occasions requiring the transcription of the spoken word into textual form. Experienced with the most up to date technologies, our court reporters offer access to documents as they are being produced, and make transcripts available to clients in a variety of forms, including both electronic and hard copies of full-sized, condensed, and rough-draft transcripts complete with Bates labeling.

Video Recording and Presentations

Recent advances in video technologies allow testimony to be collected at the client's convenience, reviewed in advance, and presented live in the courtroom for demonstrative exhibits. Streaming video depositions and conferences over the internet saves time and travel expenses, while video editing and production can make presentations more striking and effective.

Case Coordination and Management

The ever-increasing complexity of litigation makes efficient case coordination and management a top priority. Our network of registered professional court reporters, videographers, captioners, and documentation support specialists can help you manage audio and video recordings, transcripts, letters, exhibits, images, and other case-relevant data to ensure maximum control over your documents. A variety of internet-based information options allow for secure access, efficient storage, and easy research and review of your documents in one central archive.

Electronic Delivery

Our nationwide network of court reporting agencies offers delivery options to suit every contingency. Standard and rush delivery options are available for the transcripts, audio and video recordings, and exhibit images produced by our registered court reporters, video specialists, and captioners. Electronic delivery services allow fast and secure internet file transmission. Real-time internet capability allows the client to connect directly to the court reporter's transcript as it's being produced. LiveNote software offers sophisticated and easy to use tools for organizing, annotating, and searching transcripts and evidence repositories, whether on-site or from remote locations.

Conference Room Arrangements

Our conference rooms and deposition suites are available across the country and feature internet and phone access, as well as videoconferencing capability. Choose the room with the right size, location, and supporting appointments for your consultation, deposition, mediation, strategy meeting or recruitment operation.

Our Services

We offer Nationwide Court Reporting Firm Services in the following states: